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Device Care

Your device is your responsibility. Like library books and other school-owned items that students use, the students are responsible for damage to their devices. Here are some tips for how to keep them safe and prevent damage:

General CareTech for Ed Device Care

  • Keep your device in its protective cover
  • Keep food and drinks away from your device
  • Do not expose your device to excessive heat or cold (hot cars are bad for devices!)
  • Do not stack heavy objects (like multiple books in a backpack) on top of your device
  • Keep your device out of reach of Fido and Fluffy
  • Handle your device gently
  • Plug and unplug cords from your device carefully
  • Do not place your device on an uneven surface where it might fall
  • Beware of cord placement and walking paths; someone might trip on your cord and pull your device off of a table or desk


  • Don't hold your device by the screen
  • Don't carry your device with the screen open
  • Don't store your device with the screen open
  • Before closing the screen, make sure nothing is on the keyboard
  • Close the lid of your device gently
  • Clean your screen with a soft, dry microfiber or anti-static cloth

Battery Life and System Updates

  • Do not let your battery get below a 5% charge
  • Make sure your device is fully charged at the beginning of each day
  • Shut down or reboot your device weekly to load updates
  • If you want to put your device into long term storage over the summer, follow these instructions:


  • Keep track of your device at all times
  • Do not leave your device in an unsupervised location
  • Do not give out your password or let someone else use your login information 
  • Do not remove school or district labels from your device
  • Do not install unauthorized apps on your device
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