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Troubleshooting & Support

Tech for Ed Program SupportAt some point, your 1:1 device will have an issue (like all computers do). Don't panic! The five steps identified below solve many of the issues you will experience. If that doesn't help, report the problem to your 1:1 school lead or teacher first thing in the morning on your next school day.

1. Restart your device.

With all basic troubleshooting, this should always be step number one. Closing the lid does not shut a device down. Make sure you click shut down or restart or hold down the power button. 

2. Charge your device.

If the device won’t turn on, plug it in to a charger and leave it for 15 minutes. Do not try to restart the device until 15 minutes have passed.

3. Verify your wireless connection.

Check that you are connected to a wireless network. At a Jeffco school, devices should be connected to the "Jeffco-Internal" network. (Note: It is possible to work on Google Docs, Spreadsheets, etc. without internet access. Learn more about offline mode.)

4. Update your device operating system.

Chromebooks specifically need to be kept up to date with fixes to remedy known issues. Check to see if your Chromebook is up to date using these instructions.

5. Reset your device.

If all else fails and you have a Chromebook, you can follow these directions to reset your device at school

Additional Troubleshooting Resources


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