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Tech for Ed FAQs

Tech for Ed FAQsDo all students receive a 1:1 device each school year?


New devices are given to students in grades 1,5, and 9 as well as any incoming students in other eligible grades. All students in grades 1-12 will have a district-issued TechforEd Device.


  • Kindergarten students
  • Charter schools

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Device Logistics

How will students receive their devices from the TechFor Ed program?

Schools will determine when and how these devices are handed out. Please contact your school for additional information.


What if we can’t attend the hand out night/event?

Accommodations will be made for families not able to attend events related to this initiative. Please contact your school for details.


Will families own these devices at the end of four years?

No. Families/students do not own the devices through the new district 1:1 program.  


Why are schools using Chromebooks instead of another device?

Many factors went into choosing the type of device to be used including; ease of use, simplicity of management, functionality offered and tools available. After consulting with a variety of stakeholders and all schools, Chromebooks were decided up as the device of choice.  


I am concerned my Chromebook battery will not last for the entire school day. What should I do?

One of the many reasons schools chose the Chromebook is that unlike laptop batteries, when fully charged, the Chromebook can run for up to 10 hours. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the device is fully charged each night so that it is ready for the next school day. Normally it takes two to three hours for the device to go from 0% to 100% charged.


Which version of the Chromebook will students receive?

Students in schools that chose a Chromebook will receive a 2nd generation Lenovo 300e. More information about this device can be found on Lenovo’s website. 


What happens when a new/better version of this device comes out?

Given the rapid developments in technology, everyone can expect that a newer, more advanced device will arrive on the market. When it does, we will reevaluate what devices we purchase for this program. For our students and teachers, the device is still a tool to be used for teaching and learning. Learning must always come before any particular educational tool — whether that tool is a desk, a textbook, a protractor, or a Chromebook.


What are apps and extensions?

Applications or apps enable students to integrate technology into their learning experience. A few examples of learning experiences made possible with apps: a virtual frog dissection; manipulation of historical timelines for a history project; immediate access to information on current affairs that may be integrated across the curriculum of math, science, English, social science, art, and drama. Specific apps and extensions have been chosen to support Jeffco Thrives Strategic Plan.


Will each school have its own technology support on site?

Yes. Site Technologists and 1:1 School Leads will be available at each school to assist with TechForEd device support. Each school will have its own processes for students to request TechForEd Chromebook assistance so please see your student's school website(s) for specific processes and procedures and reach out to the school's Digital Teacher Librarian as needed.


Will schools do any training for families about the TechForEd devices?

Schools will be creating their own schedule for family information nights and their own processes for sharing information about these devices. Please check with your child’s school to see what is being offered.


Broken/Lost/Stolen Devices

What happens if someone moves out of district and does not return their district 1:1 device?

If a student moves out of district (or otherwise leaves Jeffco Public Schools' enrollment) and fails to return the district 1:1 device and any assigned accessories (such as the case, cord, etc.) as directed, the district may, in addition to seeking reimbursement from the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s), file a theft report with local law enforcement authorities. The district will also lock the device with the district management software installed on it, so it will not be usable.


What happens if my device is lost or stolen?

If your device is lost, contact your school librarian to report it lost and/or stolen. Steps will be taken to locate the device and the last person to log into the device. If those efforts to locate the device are not successful, the device will be disabled, rendering it useless, which often leads to it being returned.


Can students/families purchase their own cases for these devices?

No. Each TechforEd Chromebook comes with a protective case and protective screen cover Both of these items ensure the accidental warranty coverage of the device and should be left on at all times.

What happens if I break my device?

If your device is acting unusual but nothing appears to be physically broken, go to the district TechForEd website and check the troubleshooting guide to see if there is an easy fix to the issue you are having.

If you have physically broken your device, take it to the library to check it in for repair and students will be assigned another device. Families are not charged for repairs due to parts failing, nor will they be charged for accidental damage. There may be a charge for excessive amounts of damage or when damage was intentional. 


Devices & Learning

What if my child forgets to bring their device to school?

If a student fails to bring their device to school, they are responsible for completing their course work as though they had their device with them.In many situations, schools may provide a loaner device. Check with your own school for any specific policies they may have related to this.


Will my child use their 1:1 device in every class?

The 1:1 device will be the student’s tool to use at school. Its use will vary based on subject area, instructional need, and from teacher to teacher. The expectation, however, is that this device will be utilized across all disciplines.


Will my child bring their device home each day?

All grades 1st - 12th will bring their device home over the summer.

  • Grade 1 - Devices stay at school, no back and forth to school.
  • Grade 2-3 - Option to bring the device home nightly.
  • Grade 4 and up - Device goes home nightly.


Will students use other devices in class?

Jeffco Public Schools is committed to providing teachers and students the best technology for specific learning goals. Laptops, computers, and other devices may be available when necessary in the classroom.


Will my child be overexposed to technology during the school day?

We see the implementation of this district-wide TechForEd program as another opportunity to leverage technology for learning and, when appropriate, use the right tool at the right time. Sometimes it makes sense to put pen to paper or to turn the pages of a book, whether those are paper pages or electronic pages.

The TechForEd device offers students the availability of hundreds of educationally immersive applications and sometimes it is essential to use digital technology to find the best answers, synthesize mountains of information, and create something dynamic that will help transform our world.

Through this program we also want to create a level playing field, without digital haves and have-nots. The TechForEd initiative will ensure that every student has the necessary digital tools to aid his or her education and growth.


Will my child be taught about digital citizenship?

Yes. All students receive digital citizenship instruction. Students in the district’s Tech for Ed program will receive digital citizenship instruction during the first month of school. The topics covered range from device basics to Internet safety. Then students participate in ongoing lessons on digital citizenship throughout the year led by their classroom teachers. Additionally, family resources will also be provided to support family-school connections to support this initiative.


Devices at Home

My child participates in an after-school club, activity, or sport. Who is responsible for the safe-keeping of the TechForEd device during this time?

Students are responsible for the safe-keeping of their TechForEd device at all times. We highly recommend that students leave their TechForEd device in their locked school-assigned locker or another safe place when participating in after-school events at the school or at an off-site location.


If we already have an Internet provider at home, will my student be able to use our service with the district’s 1:1 device?

Yes, district issued devices will connect to most home networks. Please note that the district filters will continue to apply home.


What if we do not have Internet service at home?

Please visit our webpage that outlines low-cost internet provider options and how to utilize your student’s device in "offline mode."


Can I install parental monitoring software on the device (like Google Family) so that I know and can manage what my child is doing on their device?

No. Unauthorized apps and software may not be installed on your child’s TechForEd device.

The district has purchased Securly Home App which gives families some monitoring abilities at home. Home settings should take into consideration the types of learning tools that students are often assigned to ensure learning isn't interrupted at home.


How can I be sure that my student is using the TechForEd device appropriately when he/she is not at school?

Many parents may have legitimate concerns about students using digital devices appropriately and responsibly outside of school. Some suggestions are included below.

  • Communicate with the teachers. Ask what kinds of activities you should be expecting to see your child doing when using the TechForEd device at home.
  • Establish a homework area for use of the TechForEd device such as the kitchen rather than an isolated area. Check in with your student occasionally while they are using the device for homework.
  • Charge the device in a common room in your home (i.e., kitchen, family room) but not in the bedroom. This supports students developing healthy digital habits.
  • Set usage limits. Even though the district is providing this wonderful learning tool, we appreciate and respect that families can and will set device usage boundaries for their student.
  • Set a time limit. Make a decision with your child that the device use needs to end at 8:00 p.m. each evening (or whatever time you feel is appropriate).


Opting Out of the TechForEd Program

Can I opt my student out of using the district 1:1 device or technology completely?

No. If you are enrolled in a Jeffco Public Schools neighborhood school, there is not an opt-out option. These devices and apps are part of our 21st century curricular experience for students that aligns with the Jeffco Thrives Strategic Plan. If your family has particular concerns, please discuss these with your school principal.

Can my student bring a device from home?

No. There are many benefits to having all students in a classroom using the same device.

  • Consistent devices and instructional applications (some apps operate differently on different devices) allow teachers the ability to provide more seamless instruction with fewer disruptions.
  • These vetted instructional applications, along with a district management tool and district web filtering tools are pre-loaded onto the devices.
  • The district management system gives Jeffco Public Schools the ability to lock a device if it is lost or stolen.
  • Additionally, many schools have added classroom management software to the devices (called LanSchool). This allows classroom teachers to monitor device activities during school and keep students on task.
  • The district web filtering tools allow us to provide a safe environment for students on that device whenever they access the internet (at school or at any location worldwide).
  • Support and repair for these devices will be available through both the school (locally) and the district (systems-level).
  • Students must complete their state testing on a district device, so using a district 1:1 device throughout the year allows them to familiarize themselves with it.

Can I opt out of having my student take the district 1:1 device home?

Yes. However, if your family chooses to have your student leave their 1:1 device at school, you will need to provide a similar device at home that your student can use to complete assignments. Additionally, your student will still have a designated district 1:1 device that is for in-school use. This device may be picked up from a designated area each school day in the morning and then returned at the end of the day.

Can I opt my student out of using specific digital instructional tools?

No. If you are enrolled in a Jeffco Public Schools neighborhood school, there is not an opt-out option. These devices and apps are part of the 21st century curricular experience for students that aligns with our Jeffco Generations strategic plan. If your family has particular concerns, please discuss these with your school principal.

Can I opt out of paying the $50 1st - 12th technology use fee?

No. The district-wide model only succeeds if we implement and sustain the fee structure associated with it.

  • This fee covers: the device and protective case and a subscription to the district's core digital learning tools.
  • Various fees existed across the district prior to this district-wide program. The new $50 technology use fee for students who receive district 1:1 devices and $25 technology fee for Kindergarten.
  • Some families were paying device rental or purchase fees on top of the existing $10-$20 technology fees. These will go away for 5th-12th graders district-wide once the program has been fully implemented.

Can I opt out of paying the $25 kinder technology fee?

No. The district-wide model only succeeds if we implement and sustain the fee structure associated with it.

  • This fee covers the costs associated with the core set of digital learning tools and technology-related expenses at schools.
  • District technology fees existed across the district prior to this district-wide program. These ranged from $10-$20.
  • This new fee replaces those previous fees and standardizes the fee structure while providing the items noted in the first bullet point of this question.



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