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Jeffco’s 1:1 program provides 1st-12th grade students in neighborhood and option schools a district Chromebook to create an equitable and sustainable model for technology-enabled classrooms that prepares students to thrive in a connected, digital world in alignment with the Jeffco Thrives Strategic Plan

The program provides students in grades 1-12 access to a district-purchased and managed Chromebook to personalize their learning. As we close the digital device divide by providing all students with a personalized device, we must address the inequities in classrooms to digital content and tools to transform learning. 

Device Take Home Policy

 Grade Devices Going Home Nightly  Summer

Not in TechforEd.

Doesn’t go home unless teacher requests it.

Device needs to be accessible if student is in JSEL.
Grade 1 Device stays at school nightly unless teacher sends home. Device goes home over the summer.
Grade 2 - 3 All families have the option/ opportunity to take home nightly. Teachers can send home for assignments. Device goes home over the summer.
Grade 4 and Up All devices go home with students nightly. Device goes home over the summer.


Students in grades K-12 are also provided  a variety of digital applications, which give them opportunities to demonstrate learning in creative and rigorous ways. A consistent set of tools provides expanded equitable experiences essential for students to achieve the Jeffco strategic plan. Each of the technology tools supports students as creators, collaborators, and innovative problem solvers, rather than consumers of information.

The program also allows for professional development and learning for teachers to use the provided tools and devices to transform the learning experience for students. Having a consistent set of tools and opportunities for teacher training allows for more rigorous learning and student engagement in addition to  deeper technology integration.


Instructional Benefits

  • Prepares students for success in an increasingly digital world

  • Develops responsible creators and users of technology

  • Facilitates technology-enriched instruction that can be customized and student directed 

  • Provides opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all learners at various stages of learning 

  • Enables teachers to more efficiently understand students' learning and adjust instruction accordingly

  • Encourages opportunities for students to collaborate and connect with broader audiences

  • Allows students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways


Cost Benefits

  • Students receive a high-quality Chromebook and protective case.
    • Estimated cost of the Chromebook with a case is $300-$320
    • Estimated cost of the core set of digital instruction tools each student receives on their devices is approximately $17-$20

  • Technology fees are standardized across the district. The Tech for Ed program funds 1st-12th grade devices.

System Benefits

  • Equity: Tech for Ed provides equitable devices and programming for their students

  • Device Consistency: Reduces time spent on device management and troubleshooting issues in the classroom; devices can be used at any school within the district

  • Connectivity: All devices will automatically connect to Jeffco's Internal wifi

  • Added Security: A security filter will be installed on all devices for use at school and home

  • Testing: Students will take state-mandated tests on their own devices

  • Convenience: Students will be assigned a different device when theirs is broken and in for repair 

TechForEd Program


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