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Psychomotor Aptitude

A Parent’s Instruction Guide to: 
Psychomotor Aptitude Identification:

Psychomotor aptitude is the exceptional capability or potential in athletics at the state and/or national level.

Identification in Psychomotor Aptitude is assessed through a body of evidence. 

STEP 1: Begin by reviewing the Parent’s Guide (this web-page) below for more specific information on this identification process. 

STEP 2: After reviewing the guide, make a referral.

STEP 3: Upload/Email portfolio/product submissions by following the "How to Submit Your Portfolio/Evidence' guide at the bottom of this page.


Types of CDE approved, qualifying information for a Body of Evidence (BOE) for Psychomotor Aptitude in Jeffco:

Product Evaluation:
Norm-Referenced Observation:   Criterion/Norm-Referenced Test:
Top place or ranking at a state or national sport/contest as determined by the sport's national governing body

Student/team receiving a top placement or ranking in a multi-state or national competition.

Portfolio that chronicles the student's exceptional performance
95th percentile or above on norm-referenced observation scale in the area of motivation on the Gifted Rating Scale (GRS)
95th percentile or above on an approved cognitive assessment (KBIT, CogAT, WISC, WPPSI, etc.)


Psychomotor Considerations:


Identification in the area of psychomotor is designated for state- or national-level elite athletes who have received this ranking from the sport’s national governing body. These athletes may require a gifted determination to address the interventions necessary as a result of the amount of time the student is out of school or to earn credits for specific courses. Districts are not required to provide or financially support athletic coaching, training or competitions for students identified in this area.  This process follows CDE guidelines.  Click here for CDE information.

A psychomotor ALP does not guarantee that the student can be absent from school at any time. This may be an intervention strategy that will be negotiated with the school, through a collaborative process involving multiple stakeholders. Families are responsible to ensure state mandated schooling requirements (i.e. curriculum, assignments, on-going learning, due dates, etc.) are addressed prior to absences directly related to psychomotor identification.

What kind of evidence are we looking for?


The body of evidence for Psychomotor identification would include at least three of the following indicators:

  • 95th percentile or above on the Gifted Rating Scale (GRS) for motivation;
  • Portfolio that chronicles the student's exceptional performance;
  • Top state or national ranking as determined by the sport's national governing body;
  • Student or team receiving a top placement or ranking in a multi-state or national competition;
  • 95th percentile or above on one or more batteries of a cognitive assessment.

Body of Evidence (BOE) Examples - Coming Soon

How to gather and submit info:


Documents/artifacts pertaining to Psychomotor should be collected and documented electronically through scanning, taking pictures, etc:

  • A portfolio/evidence must be electronic and submitted online
  • Submissions can be annotated to help the review team understand the student’s evidence
  • A portfolio could contain evidence of awards, placement, rankings, video, or other pieces of evidence that document performance at a state or national level
  • Letters or documentation from coaches or governing bodies at the national level

Steps for the ID process:


  1. Review the considerations on this web page and reach out to others who may have a specific understanding of the psychomotor abilities of your child. (Coaches, Judges, etc..)
  2. Fill out the online referral form for Psychomotor Aptitude
  3. Begin to build/document portfolio and/or evidence.
  4. The GT Review Team will evaluate the portfolio/evidence and begin to build a body of evidence
  5. The GT Review Team will contact you if additional information is required, such as the Gifted Rating Scales (GRS). 
  6. The GT Review team will review the BOE and inform parents of status/decision within 30 school days of the BOE review
  7. Reach out to your school's GT Resource teacher if you have any needs/questions throughout the process
 How to submit your Portfolio/Evidence:
  1. We recommend utilizing your student's Jeffco google account for online portfolio submission.  You and/or your student can create a folder in their google drive called "Psychomotor Portfolio/Evidence".  Inside the folder you can house any variety of artifacts. Then, copy the link to the folder and email it to [email protected] 
  2. If you are unsure of how to do the above process, you can electronically send files via email to [email protected]It is acceptable to send multiple emails if the files are too large for a single email.
  3. If you are unable to submit a portfolio via the above methods, please reach out to your schools GT Resource Teacher for questions/assistance.
  4. NOTE: We recommend and prefer digital submissions.  The GT Department is unable to house and manage physical portfolios or items.

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