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A Parent's Instruction Guide to LEADERSHIP Identification 

Leadership is exceptional capability or potential in leading. Leadership can manifest in a variety of ways across differing experiences and activities. (Leadership can manifest in a variety of ways. Exceptional leadership potential goes beyond simply “taking a role” in some club or group, and may be demonstrated in products, in the process of developing those products, and in group interactions.)
Identification in Leadership is assessed through a body of evidence.

STEP 1: Begin by reviewing the Parent’s Guide (this web-page) below for more specific information on this identification process.

STEP 2: After reviewing the guide, make a referral.

STEP 3: Download any forms/information from the guide below for your future information and reference.

STEP 4: Upload/Email portfolio/product submissions by following the "How to Submit Your Portfolio/Evidence" guide at the bottom of this page.


 Types of CDE approved, qualifying information for a Body of Evidence (BOE) in Creative/Productive Thinking in Jeffco:

  • Top place or ranking at a state or national contest related to leadership
  • Expert juried performance at the advanced/distinguished level
  • Portfolio/product review at the advanced/distinguished level

95th percentile or above on norm-referenced observation scale in the area of creativity (SIGS, GRS, etc.)
95th percentile or above on an approved cognitive assessment (KBIT, CogAT, WISC, WPPSI, etc.)

Leadership Considerations:

Leadership can manifest in a variety of ways. Exceptional leadership potential goes beyond simply “taking a role” in some club or group, and may be demonstrated in products, in the process of developing those products, and in group interactions.

Leadership is often recognized only in its positive aspects for identification. However, leadership skills can manifest in myriad ways. Consider if your child is using communication and modeling practices that influence those around him or her, whether positively or negatively.

The nature of leadership suggests that a person’s leadership abilities and ambitions can be stifled or nurtured. Because of this, consideration must be given to a student’s age, exposure to, and experiences in leadership opportunities when interpreting scores and determining programming.

What Kind of Evidence Are We Looking For?

There are hundreds of definitions of leadership and leadership behaviors. For our purposes in Jeffco, we are looking for evidence throughout the process of the following main components:

Communication: The ability to listen to and express ideas clearly to others.

Motivation & Confidence: Intrinsically driven with a belief in him/herself.

Inspiration: The ability to inspire confidence and productivity in others

Cooperation & Charge: “Take Charge” attitude that earns the respect and trust of others while being able to collaborate with others.

Vision/Creativity: Ability to focus on and achieve a goal

Values Others: Sees and supports contributions and success of others, even when they disagree

Risk Taker: Confident in their ideas and willing to courageously move forward.

Body of Evidence (BOE) Examples - Coming Soon

What Goes Inside a Portfolio?

A leadership portfolio could include:

• A Portfolio must be electronic and submitted online

• Submissions can be annotated to help the review team understand the student’s thinking and process

• Product(s): Students outline event(s) where they have demonstrated leadership potential

• Letters: Letters of recommendation from someone who has seen them in a leadership role

• Reflection: Student written (or otherwise recorded) reflection of each experience including timeline - May need more guidance here, address the rubric categories, maybe a template

• Collections: Journals, Sketchbooks, photographs, thank you notes, certificates/awards, etc.

• Other: Evidence that may show leadership skills or recognition, such as behavior rating scales or awards. Reach out to your GT Resource Teacher if you have questions about what could be included.

Steps for the ID Process

Steps for the ID process:

1. Review the considerations listed below

2. Fill out the online referral form for Leadership skills

3. Begin to build/document a leadership portfolio. Download rubic.

4. GT Resource teachers will use/review the portfolio and begin to build a body of evidence

5. If additional information is needed, a GT Resource teacher may perform cognitive testing or leadership scales (such as the Roets) with your student

6. The GT Review team will review the BOE and inform parents of status/decision within 30 school days of the BOE review

7. Reach out to your school’s GT Resource teacher if you have any needs/questions throughout the process

How To Submit Your Portfolio

1. We recommend utilizing your student's Jeffco google account for online portfolio submission. You and/or your student can create a folder in their google drive called "Leadership Portfolio". Inside the folder you can house any variety of artifacts (certificates, work samples, pictures of products, videos, sound files, awards, etc.). Then, copy the link to the folder and email it to [email protected]

2. If you are unsure of how to do the above process, you can electronically send files via email to [email protected]. It is acceptable to send multiple emails if the files are too large for a single email.

3. If you are unable to submit a portfolio via the above methods, please reach out to your school's GT Resource Teacher for questions/assistance.

4. NOTE: We recommend and prefer digital submissions. The GT Department is unable to house and manage physical portfolios or items.

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