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January 24, 2024


Parent/Family Learning Night  


The format will be asynchronous as these topics will be pre-recorded and available starting on 1/19/24.  Families can view the sessions they choose and follow up with any additional questions for our presenters on 1/24/24 Virturally from 6:00 - 7:00 pm.


Early Access

Early access to kindergarten and first grade is for 4 & 5 year olds, respectively, as an exception to the normal age requirements as per board policy JEB. Children who are highly gifted (97th percentile or higher) may benefit from early grade acceleration. Come learn about the application process and timelines for Early Access to kindergarten or first grade!

Presenters: Stefanie Renquist, Lauren Berdofe Stewart

Video Presentation


How does anxiety manifest in gifted children? Come learn how anxiety can mix with overexcitabilities, social challenges, and perfectionism. We will talk about how anxiety can look in gifted children as well as how to help children manage and develop effective coping strategies.

Presenter: Casey Cardner

Video Presentation

ABCs of ALPs

Join us as we explore the ABCs of Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).  How do we engage the Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive Domains to meet the needs of advanced learners in Jeffco?  Come learn about the Advanced Learning Plan process, how ALP goals are set and monitored in both neighborhood and center schools, the slight difference between the elementary and secondary ALP process, and how you can support the gifted child in your life

Presenter: Ben Hershelman

Video Presentation

Identification in Jeffco after CogAT

If one or more of your student's CogAT scores landed in the gifted range (greater than or equal to 95th percentile), you may be interested in pursuing an ALP.  An Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is a document identifying and supporting gifted learners in the state of Colorado.  This video will explain the next steps if you are interested in pursuing a gifted identification for your student

Presenter: Matt Wilkinson

Vidoe Presentation

Executive Function

Join our presentation to support your child in building their executive functioning skills for both in-person and remote environments. Students will also learn strategies to advocate for their needs. We will share both classroom and home resources. These easy to use tools help build the habits necessary to be successful in life.

Presenter: Bryan Shipp

Video Presentation - part 1

Video Presentation - part 2

Secondary GT programming Options

Thinking about what happens after elementary school? Curious about your student’s 7th-12th grade ALP process?  Want to learn more about GT programming in middle and high school?  Questions about course offerings for your GT student? Please join us for a conversation about GT programming for secondary students in Jeffco. 

Presenters: Jennifer Webb, Shaunna Abling

Video Presentation

After watching any/all of the recorded sessions above, if you still have additional questions, please complete this short form.  An email will be sent to you on the afternoon of 1/19/24 with links to all of the Google Meets corresponding to each presentation. During this 1 hour window, presenters will be available to provide additional details about their topics, as well as answer other related questions.  

  • If you have additional questions about topics not covered in the 6 presentations, you may also choose to attend the Google Meet titled “General GT Questions”. We will have two GT Resource Teachers available to address any questions not covered in the presentations. 
  • If you have a student-specific or school-specific question, please contact your school’s GT Resource Teacher.  A complete list of school assignments can be found HERE.
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