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Jeffcon 2022


Tracy Dorland - Superintendent (Jeffco Public Schools)


Dr. Ariel Paul (University of Colorado)
Chris Rothe (Red Canary)


Data Center Operations

Greg Dreher - Network Infrastructure Admin (Jeffco Public Schools)

Data Science

Heather MacGillivary, Ph.D. - Director of Research and Assessment (Jeffco Public Schools)
Kevin Richards, MA - Research Analyst (Jeffco Public Schools)

Database Administrator

Mike Scott - Database Administrator (Jeffco Public Schools)

IT Security

Daniel Clements - Senior Information Security Analyst (Jeffco Public Schools)
Chris Linton - Senior Application Security Analyst (Jeffco Public Schools)
Charisa Persico - Senior Incident Handler (Red Canary)
Quintana Patterson - Compliance and Security Analyst (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus School of Medicine)

IT Support

Toni Trapp - Site Support Tech (Jeffco Public Schools)
Shekina DeTienne - Lead Support Tech (Jeffco Public Schools)
Therese Wathen - IT Support Specialist (Jeffco Public Schools)
Aaron Whitcomb - Application Administrator (Jeffco Public Schools)

Business Continuance

Jason Hoss - Manager of Change Management, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity (Jeffco Public Schools)
Leah Andrews - Manager of Business Continuity (Zoom Video Communications)

Project Management

Tiffinie Willis - Executive Director PMO (Jeffco Public Schools)
Courtney Krieger - Senior Business Analyst (Jeffco Public Schools)
Tanya Wheeler Berliner - Organizational Change Manager (Jeffco Public Schools)

Network Infrastructure

Ken Keelan - Enterprise Network Security Architect (Jeffco Public Schools)
John Fuller - Wireless Network Engineer (Jeffco Public Schools)

Software Development

Natalie Lockhart - Integrations Developer (Jeffco Public Schools)
Jennifer Marrama - Manager of Business Technology Support (Jeffco Public Schools)


IT in the Military

SGT Randolph - Army, SGT Jimenez (Army)

The Road to Becoming a Superhero

Chris Varnadoe - Client Tech Ops (Arete Incident Response)
Shawn Becker - Onsite Lead (Arete Incident Response)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with AWS

Rob Hall - Sr. Solutions Architect (Amazon Web Services)

Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure and environmental computing

Kasim Esmail - IT Architecture and Security consultant (DigitalInsight LLC)

Mapping the World from Space

Brian Shucker (Google)

From Search to Offer: The Do’s and Don’ts

Taylor Wicke - Account Manager (The Doyle Group)

Nursing Health Informatics

Kimberley Anderson - Health Informatics Manager (SCL Health)

Biotechnology - From GMOs to Biofuels to Pollution Removal

Gisella Bassani - Clinical Assistant Professor (University of Colorado Denver)

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Changing the World of Video Surveillance

Clint Russell - Product Specialist (Cisco Meraki)

Earn Your Certifications!

William (Bill) Heldman - Computer Science and Cybersecurity Instructor (Warren Tech)
Ryan Harvey - Jeffco Student(Warren Tech/Lakewood)
Logan Green - Jeffco Student (Warren Tech/Evergreen/JVA)

Get NSA on your Radar

Jen Jeske - Workforce Development (NSA)

Fate by dice roll: A cybersecurity tabletop exercise

Charisa Persico - Senior Incident handler (Red Canary)

Make your choices count: Managing the IT lifecycle for a sustainable future

JD Stumpf - Education Strategist (Dell Technologies)


Code Yourself!

Jill Ibeck - Chief Information Officer (Jeffco Public Schools)

Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking Treasure Hunt

Aaron Dixon – Technical Solutions Architect (Cisco Meraki)
Clint Russell – Product Sales Specialist (Cisco Meraki)

Cybersecurity Careers: Hands-On Hacking and Defending

Kyle Vaughan - Systems Engineer (Cisco)
Kathleen Crockett - Cyber Security Specialist (Cisco)

Beyond the Screen

Erik Carlson - Lead Repair Technician (Jeffco Public Schools)

More Than a Game: Careers and Technical Aspects of Gaming and eSports!

Danielle Rourke - Education Strategist (Dell Technologies)
Steven Starrett - Client Technologist (Dell Technologies)

CDOT Traffic Operation Center Tour

Bob Feifer - Branch Manager/Superintendent Intelligent Transportation Systems Network Services (CDOT)

Splunk 4 Rookies

Steven Bub - Sales Engineer (Splunk)
Davis Burl - Regional Sales Manager (Splunk)


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Jeffcon 2021





Careers In Computer Science Since World War II
Dr. Tom Walcott is a senior executive at the National Security Agency, where he is a subject matter expert in computer network operations and cybersecurity. He has a BA in computer science and creative writing from Beloit College, and an MS and PhD in computer science from the University of California, Davis.

His past positions at NSA have included the cyber lead for counterterrorism and the technical director of NSA Colorado. He has worked for Cyber Command, the Institute for Defense Analyses, the FBI, and NASA.




Dwight Henning - Senior Director – Meraki Americas, Scott Allen - Systems Engineering Director – US Public Sector (Cisco / Meraki)

The STEM Opportunity - A great career choice with the Opportunity to make an impact in business and society. The Digital Economy is forecasted to be a $19 Trillion Opportunity over the next 10 years. We will talk through what this technology opportunity means, and how companies like Cisco are evolving to meet and anticipate this demand. We will also showcase some real life examples of how technology is innovating and solving business and societal challenges. Finally, we'll provide some details about careers paths available, at Cisco and across the industry, for those interested in the exciting path of technology as a career.




Data Center Operations
Presenter: Will Downing - Windows Systems Administrator

Learn about all things related to what is included in a Data Center including Virtual Machines, application, DCs, storage and networking.


Data Scientist
Presenter: Rachel Davis - Analyst, Data Governance

In this session we will look at the profession of data science as it exists today. We will examine the different skills that are involved. And finally include a real life example of data science in our recent past. I hope by the end of the session you will have a good entry point into exploring what the data scientist profession looks like today and get a glimpse into its future possibilities.


Database Administrator
Presenter: Mike Scott - BS CS – Database Administrator

This track is a broad overview of Database Administration as a career option.


IT Security
Presenter: Chris Paschke - Executive Director of Information Security

In this session we will briefly cover what to expect when starting your career in Information Security. We'll discuss the skills and experience necessary for three common Information Security positions: engineering, compliance, and incident response.


IT Support
Presenters: Gari Lukich - Site Support Supervisor, Erik Albrechtson - Site Support Supervisor

This job is not about being a boss, it is about being a mentor, leader and friend. Understanding how technology works is only one piece of this career, the knowledge we have gained and the relationships we have built with our 50+ co-workers is priceless.


Network Infrastructure
Presenter: Kasim Esmail - Consulting Architect

What is network infrastructure and how does one explore this ever evolving space? In this session we'll discuss the range of skills and roles in the industry, bring or send along questions in advance.


Software Development
Presenters: Leo Li - ERP Developer, Debi Leal - ERP Developer Lead, Chris Gebben - ERP Developer Lead

Taking the hopes and dreams of TO-BE to AS-IS! Hear how the role of a software developer supports the application development lifecycle, gain perspective on approaches you can take to pursue this path and what is needed once you get there.


90-Minute SESSIONS


API's, SDK's and Python: Using programmability to build and manage networks
Presenters: Aaron Dixon - Consulting Systems Engineer, John Kutcha - Solutions Architect, Cloud Platform & API, John Fuller - Wireless Network Engineer

The way we build and manage networks is transitioning from a command line interface used on a device-by-device basis to programming the network holistically. Join this session to learn the basics of the Cisco Meraki API, SDK, Python and Jupyter notebooks. This session doesn't require any previous programming experience. Get started with network programmability in this Python tutorial that solves real-world problems that our customers deal with on a weekly basis.

Additional Requirements: Students will need a way to open Jupyter notebooks. Colaboratory is recommended because students don't need to install anything and just need a Google account with access to a google drive.

To open and create a notebook, you will need a compatible editor. Google offers Colaboratory, a completely web-based notebook IDE which requires no download whatsoever. Google calls their notebooks "Colab notebooks" but they work in much the same way. To learn more, see Overview of Colab.


Splunk For Rookies: a Hands-On Lab Event
Presenters: Heather Whiteley - Regional Sales Manager, Chris Perkins - Sr. Sales Engineer (Splunk)

During the session, attendees will learn about the Splunk Data-to-Everything platform, how to investigate data, creating a Splunk app, and many more hands-on activities in the Splunk web console. Please join Splunk as we dive into the world of data analytics as we walk through the step-by-step process of creating your own dashboard for Buttercup Enterprises.

Additional Requirements: Students will need to opt-in for and access the lab using an external website (


Weather forecasting and Supercomputing at Home
Presenters: AJ Lauer - CISL Outreach, Diversity, & Education (CODE) Team Lead, Agbeli Ameko - Associate Scientist, Summer Watson -Education and Multimedia Specialist (NCAR)

Supercomputers help scientists manage massive datasets to learn about how climate and weather impact our planet. Join us for a virtual walk-through tour of the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center to learn how our supercomputer, named Cheyenne, helps NCAR scientists study and visualize weather and climate.

Then we'll show you how to install our Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model on your computer or Raspberry Pi. With WRF you can make your own weather forecasts for any region of the world!

Additional Requirements: We will have breakout sessions for students on PCs and on Mac to run their own forecasts. If students are not on a laptop they can still participate in the forecast process.




3D printing Today
Presenter: Ryan Singler - Sales Enablement Manager (MakerBot)

This session will showcase a brief history of 3D printing, benefits of using a 3D printer, and how companies are using 3D printers today.


Camera as a Sensor: Solving problems with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Presenters: Clint Russell - Cisco Cloud Networking Group Product Sales Specialist, Katie Antonetti - Product Sales Specialist – IoT – US Public Sector (Cisco)

Before the end of this year, over one billion video surveillance cameras are expected to be in use globally, but the reality is that less than 1% of the video from cameras is ever watched. So, what do we do with all of this data? In this session we'll explore how, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, Cisco Meraki's Smart Cameras act as a delivery device of data, providing intelligent business insight to users, while still ensuring the physical security and safety requirements that traditional cameras have previously addressed. Physical security, meet business intelligence.


Career planning and how to use LinkedIn
Presenter: Ana Riveros - Senior Program Manager (Microsoft)

Career planning and LinkedIn overview; how to create an eye catching profile.


Careers Fighting Cyber Crime
Presenters: Kyle Vaughan - Systems Engineer, Bill Clay III - Security Architect (Cisco)

Cybersecurity threats continue to impact our daily lives more and more and illegal revenue generated from hacking has surpassed $1 Trillion annually. Identity Theft, Nation State Cyberwar, Ransomware and Espionage related attacks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the massive black market and criminal underground that exists today.

Cisco has taken on the enormous task of fighting back against these powerful criminal organizations utilizing our highly skilled team of counter-hackers and global footprint of security visibility. Learn about the most recent attacks, how Cisco makes the life of the hacker very difficult and the different careers available in cyber-crime prevention.


Cyber Conflicts & Geopolitics
Presenter: Joe Murdock - Business School Faculty (University of Colorado Denver)

Former National Security Agency (NSA) Director Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden (Ret.) called cyber one of the 5 current domains of war (land, sea, air, space, cyber). This talk will provide a brief introduction to the topic of cybersecurity and how it relates on the international stage. We will examine how this is playing out and identify examples of what you can do to better protect yourself.


Cyber Safety 101
Presenter: Naja Davis - Cyber Network Professional (NSA)

Smartphones, computers, tablets, the internet, social media, email—these and other communication devices and methods are ever-present and ever-changing. One common thread is the need for the user to be aware of the possible threats in the cyber realm. This talk introduces cybersecurity principles to increase students' knowledge about safely navigating the internet, including email and social media. Topics covered include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, identity theft, phishing, and social engineering.


Cybersecurity: Defending our Nation
Presenter: Caren Lauffer - NSAC Recruiter & Student Programs Manager, Damon Smith - NSA Colorado Technical Director for Collection and Computer Network Operations Capabilties (NSA)

How are you protecting yourself from threats in cyberspace? How are we protecting our country from threats in cyberspace? Combining protection and defense defines cybersecurity. This unique presentation provides a view of cybersecurity and its threats, such as infected websites, infected emails, phishing attacks, and social engineering from a national-level down to the home user, and presents how it takes a team to make cyberspace more secure. The talk provides "homework" on how to secure your home computer via a variety of recommended tasks.


Drones for Science - Volcanoes, Lava, Fire, and Beyond
Presenters: Joe Adams - Remote Pilot / IT Specialist, Lance Brady - Project Lead, Jeff Sloan - Project Lead (Retired), Victoria Scholl - Physical Scientist / Post-Grad PhD Student, Matt Burgess PhD - Remote Pilot / Data Analysis (USGS)

You want a job flying drones? Join this session to learn how the team at the USGS National UAS Project Office got their jobs flying drones, the cool places they have used their drones, and how drones help scientists. There will be a virtual tour of their UAS Lab and see videos and pics theirdrones captured during the 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption in Hawaii.


From Search to Offer: The Do's and Don'ts of How to Get a Job
Presenters: Courtney Mara – Technical Recruiter, Brook King – Technical Recruiter (Doyle Group)

Ever crawl into a final exam totally unprepared and fall flat on your face? Imagine doing that in a job interview! From searching for the right job to finding a career that you love, there are hundreds of do's and don'ts out there to help you along your career journey.

Join Courtney Mara and Brook King from The Doyle Group for a crash course on values based and research driven job searching in addition to winning an interview with an approach that will "add a little spice."


How to get where you are now to where you want to be
Presenters:Dave Wisenteiner - Managing Director of Azure Global Energy Stacey Lusk - Strategic Engagement Program Leader (Microsoft)

The road from high school to career seems like a long one and not always what you expect. Hear from two Microsoft colleagues about their often unconventional journeys to where they are today. The path you actually take is likely not the one you are thinking about today. Talk to two folks in the technology industry who are still figuring out what they want to be when they grow up.


Industry Certifications that will Give You a Head Start in the Information Technology (IT) Industry
Presenter: Bill Heldman - Computer Science and Cybersecurity Instructor (Warren Tech)

In this session we will talk about relevant industry certifications that you must work toward obtaining if you want to work in IT.


Mapping the World from Space
Presenter: Brian Shucker - Software Engineer Lead/Manager (Google)

Learn about what it takes to build Google Maps. From satellite imagery to machine learning, we'll discuss what's behind a mapping application used by a billion people, with a special detour into the science behind Project Sunroof.


Presenter: Iván Montes - Access Focused Admissions Counselor (Colorado School of Mines)

Want to know what it's like to live in Golden and be a part of the Oredigger community? In the Office of Admissions, our number one goal is being a resource for you while you determine if Colorado School of Mines is where you will be taking your next steps. If you are interested in high academic standards, a phenomenal return on investment and being in the heart of a stunning mountain-lined campus, Mines will fit you well. I invite you to explore our virtual informational session to learn more about our majors, student organizations, athletic teams, and campus.


The Growth Mindset on your Career

Presenter: Cathy Oaks - Americas PM Director (Microsoft)

Planning your next role, career or areas to study through acknowledgment of your strengths, what you love to do and areas of growth. Embrace risk as well as failure as opportunities to learn, grow and develop.


Tools for Tomorrow, Here Today: CDOT's Autonomous Attenuator Truck
Presenter: Tyler Weldon - State Maintenance Engineer (CDOT)

CDOT is using the first autonomous impact protection truck in mobile highway operations by removing the driver. The truck follows the paint machine precisely as the crew lays down the highway lines relying on GPS and machine steering and braking and accelerating.


Working at Apple
Presenters: Patrick Benko - Account Executive, Michael Scott - Systems Engineer (Apple)

Patrick Benko and Michael Scott come with nearly 30 years of combined experience working for Apple, and they would like to share their story. Also listen to them talk about Apple's learn to code program, Swift certification, and how to get a coding job at Apple.




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