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Family Response Service Team (FRST)

Family Response Service Team logoAs part of Jeffco’s commitment for all students and families to be known by name, strength and need, the Family Response Service Team (FRST) is the main point of contact for Jeffco families who need help connecting to school and district resources. 

The goal of FRST is to respectfully resolve the needs and concerns of families in collaboration with school and district staff.

When to Contact the Family Response Service Team

When a parent or guardian has a need or concern about a school or district service, they should follow the steps outlined below to resolve the issue in a respectful, collaborative and positive manner.

 Step one Step 1: Family has a need or concern. Family contacts their student's school to address their need or concern.
 Step two Step 2: Family contacts a FRST case manager. If the need or concern is unresolved, the family contacts FRST at 303-982-FRST(3778) or [email protected].
 Step three Step 3: Assistant director works with the family. If the family need is unresolved, the matter will be referred to an Assistant Director of Family & Community Partnerships to reach a resolution.
 Step four Step 4: Formal complaint process. If the need or concern is still unable to be resolved, FRST will help the family start the formal grievance process, as outlined by Policy KE.

Tips When Contacting FRST

Before Contacting FRST

  • Dedicate time
    • Call and set up an appointment so that the Case Manager is available. Put it on your calendar and set a reminder.
  • Have pen and paper ready
    • Write down important dates or information during your call.
  • Have useful information
    • Have your student’s ID number available and other information that will help.
  • Limit distractions
    • Set your student up with an activity while you’re on the call or schedule the call at a time when you’re alone.

When Contacting FRST

  • Confidentiality
    • At the start of the conversation, you can ask how the information will be shared.
  • Language Support
    • FRST has have bilingual Case Managers to assist you. If Case Managers cannot communicate with you in your preferred language, ask for an interpreter.
  • Ask clarifying questions
    • It’s OK to not know something. Ask the Case Manager if something is not clear or if you don’t understand a word, concept, or procedure.
  • Next steps so you know what to expect
    • Ask if there’s more you need to do, when you can expect to hear back and how you will be contacted.
  • How to follow-up if you have more questions
    • Ask who you should contact if you have additional questions.

After Contacting FRST

  • Make sure they can contact you
    • Indicate which type of communication you prefer (text, call, email, etc.) Make sure your voicemail and email are set up so our team can leave a message.
  • Try again
    • It may take a couple tries to connect with a resource. You can call more than once. Leave your contact information each time you call.
  • Write down the date and time
    • Write the day and time you tried to connect with us. When calling again, you can mention that you previously called.
  • Mention urgency
    • It is okay to mention if the request is urgent. Our team works to respond within one business day.
  • If there is an emergency
    • Report the concern to Safe2Tell. If there is an immediate crisis, dial 911.

How to Contact the Family Response Service Team

 email Email: Send an email to [email protected]
 phone icon Phone: Call FRST: 303-982-FRST (3778)
 computer icon  Online: Submit a ticket through JeffcoHelp

Meet the Team

Janace Fischer, Assistant Director of Family and Community Partnerships

Janace FischerAs the Assistant Director of Family and Community Partnerships, Janace Fischer will oversee the Family Response Service Team (FRST). This team will partner with schools to provide access to district resources and address the needs and concerns of Jeffco families.

Janace is a dedicated education professional with an impressive 23-year tenure in Jefferson County Schools. Her roles as a school social worker, assistant principal, and principal highlight her commitment to academic excellence and student well-being. Janace's personal journey, marked by frequent relocations during her childhood, drives her compassionate approach as a leader in Jeffco. Her leadership as an assistant principal and principal reflects a balance between innovation and tradition, fostering an inclusive learning community.

Beyond her career, Janace is a devoted wife and mother. She skillfully manages her role as a wife to Andrew and a mother to Sienna (18) and twins Jason and Brianne (14), while maintaining an active lifestyle filled with outdoor pursuits like hiking, camping, and skiing. Family cooking endeavors and a shared love for culinary shows inspire their collective passion for creating delicious meals and desserts.  

Nathan Cabrera, Assistant Director of Family and Community Partnerships

Nathan CabreraWith an unwavering commitment to education spanning 15 years, Nathan is a distinguished professional who has made a profound impact as both a science teacher and administrator. Ten years spent nurturing young minds in the classroom and five years serving as an Assistant Principal at Kearney Middle School within the Adams 14 School District exemplify his dedication to educational excellence. Nathan's journey has now come full circle, as he takes pride in returning to Jeffco, where his teaching career initially flourished.His leadership style revolves around nurturing a cycle of growth, encouraging students, families, and staff to engage in a collaborative journey of learning.

As an Assistant Director of Family and Community Partnerships, Nathan is proud to contribute to the district's mission and partner with schools and families. Nathan oversees the Family Response Service Team and works with both schools and families to provide families with district resources and address any needs and concerns.

A devoted husband to an educator and a caring father to two, Nathan's personal values mirror his professional mission. In his quest for knowledge, he indulges in a diverse range of interests—from devouring enriching literature and perfecting culinary skills to mastering the piano and guitar, all while enjoying the Colorado outdoors.

Bernadette Marquez, FRST Case Manager

Bernadette MarquezBernadette Marquez brings a wealth of experience and a heart full of dedication to her role as a Case Manager for the Family Response Service Team (FRST) in Jeffco. With a remarkable 15-year journey of service, Bernadette's impact has been deeply felt in the Green Mountain, Golden and Lakewood articulation areas. Her journey has seen her serve as a Family Engagement Liaison, an Early Childhood Teacher, and Director of Preschool—a testament to her unwavering commitment to families.

A proud Colorado native, Bernadette's roots are firmly grounded in her beloved state. She is the devoted mother of three accomplished Jeffco graduates, aged 26, 22, and 20, alongside an 8-year-old future Jeffco graduate. Bernadette's 28-year marriage to her wonderful husband, Pablo, has been a pillar of strength in her personal journey. Together, they share a deep love for their four-legged companions and a genuine appreciation for the bounties of the great outdoors.

Damien Lopez, FRST Case Manager

Damien LopezWith an unwavering commitment to educational excellence, Damien Lopez has spent the past 5 years making a lasting impact within Jeffco Public Schools. His journey within the district has been marked by his role as a Family Engagement Liaison at Jefferson Jr. Sr. High School, where he worked tirelessly to foster a strong connection between families, students, and the school community. Damien's dedication further extended to his role as a McKinney Vento Liaison within the Community and Family Connections Program, where he worked to ensure that every student had the support they needed to thrive.

Born and raised in Denver, Damien's roots run deep within the community he serves. He finds joy in spending cherished moments with his family, indulging his passion for cooking, enriching his mind through reading, cheering for his favorite sports teams, and embracing the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Maria Maloch, FRST Case Manager

Maria MalochBorn in Lima, Peru, Maria's journey led her to Texas, where she pursued education at Texas Tech University. Throughout her decade of service in Jeffco, Maria's multifaceted roles as a Paraprofessional, Dual Language Tutor, and ESL Tutor have showcased her deep commitment to academic excellence and community connection. Her recent four-year tenure as a Family Engagement Liaison at Emory Elementary stands as a testament to her ability to foster meaningful relationships that transcend school boundaries. Maria's passion for supporting families and students is palpable, as she tirelessly provides the resources and guidance necessary for academic success and personal growth.

With a rich family life and two accomplished children—Micah, a CSU student, and Makenna, a Columbine High School sophomore—Maria's commitment to education mirrors her own nurturing parenting. As a Case Manager with the Family Response Service Team (FRST), Maria exemplifies her dedication to empowering families and equipping them for success. Her international journey and steadfast passion make her a beacon of support for both education and community growth.

Cara Jakab, FRST Case Manager

Maria Maloch

Cara brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for education to her pivotal role on the Family Response Service Team (FRST). Over the past ten years, she has been a cornerstone of the Jeffco educational community, serving eight of those years as a dedicated School Liaison at Prospect Valley Elementary. In this role, her daily commitment to the well-being of students, families, and staff was evident and unwavering. Cara's journey in education began as a preschool, kindergarten, and 1st-grade classroom teacher, where she laid the foundation for her deep commitment to fostering inclusive education. Her versatility and dedication then led her to a pioneering role within Jeffco—a pilot program designed to cater to students on the Autism Spectrum.

Family lies at the core of Cara's life, with a strong and loving 30-year marriage to her husband, George, and the joy of raising four remarkable children, aged 24, 19, 17, and 15. Cara's commitment to education has recently been fortified by her academic achievements, earning a master's in administration and obtaining a principal's license from the University of Colorado-Denver. Cara's current role is a testament to her enduring dedication to Jeffco's students, families and staff. She stands as a valuable asset to the community, embodying the spirit of support and commitment to educational excellence.

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