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Credit Recovery

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Jeffco Public Schools has a variety of options for students who are in need of recovering graduation credit.


Worried about your high school student who failed classes?

We understand many of our students have faced extraordinary challenges this past year-and-a-half and care deeply about helping students understand their pathways to graduation. Our goal is to help students get back on track and we want to make sure you are aware of the resources available to you.

If I have questions, who can I talk with?

The counselor at your student’s school knows your student and the site-based supports and resources best. We recommend starting with them. Their phone number and email are listed on your school’s website. You can find their websites here.

If you have had these conversations and would like to consult with an advocate in the Student Engagement Office, you can call 303-982-6559 or fill out this form: 
English, Spanish (Español), Russian (русский), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

What are the credit recovery options that are available at any high school?

  • Each high school offers credit recovery with limited capacity at no cost during the school day throughout the school year.
  • Some schools offer credit recovery classes outside of school hours for a fee (check with your counselor).
  • Jeffco offers credit recovery courses at Jeffco Virtual Academy for any interested students.
  • All schools accept credit recovery classes from outside providers such as BYU Online or Keystone (you will want to have your counselor verify that the course is acceptable and will meet your graduation requirements prior to purchasing/enrolling).
  • Summer School Options 2023 (These are free this school year)

My student failed several courses this year, can they just be put in the classes they need next school year?

These decisions are made at each school on an individual student basis and are dependent on space in courses. Please talk with your student’s counselor to determine whether this is an option for your student for the 2022-2023 school year.

My student is a senior and is not going to earn enough credits to graduate this year, even with credit recovery and summer school. What are their options?

In Jeffco, students can remain in their neighborhood school to complete their required credits beyond their senior year. Meet with your counselor to discuss the courses needed and to ensure you are registered for classes.

Jeffco also has a robust menu of option schools designed to work with students who are looking for a different educational experience or have found themselves off-track towards graduation in any year of high school. Explore those options here.

I don’t think the school my student goes to is the right fit. Do they have options?

Students in Jeffco can access many options through our choice enrollment process.

Option and alternative schools in Jeffco enroll students at various times of year and you may want to explore those focused on supporting students who have struggled in traditional school environments.

My student wants to pursue a GED.

First, here is a link that explains the GED test and a second for what this means in Colorado. (You must be 17 years old to take the GED test or 16 and qualify for an age waiver.

Jeffco has three programs with limited capacity for students interested in pursuing their GED. McLain High School & NEXT Arvada or NEXT Littleton (Please call 303-982-6559 for more information). 

Additionally, support for job skills, GED, and career opportunities for youth can be accessed through Jefferson County’s Workforce Center.

We would prefer to homeschool our student, how do we do this?

This website details the process in Jeffco for students and families interested in home based education.

My student has dropped out or is no longer attending school, who can I talk with?

Call the Student Engagement Office at 303-982-6559

I have read all of this and still need help. Who can I talk with?

Schedule a meeting with your student’s counselor, assistant principal, or principal.

Schedule a meeting with an advocate in the Student Engagement Office 303-982-6559 or fill out this form:  English, Spanish (Español), Russian (русский), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

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