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Student Fees

To see fees paid or to pay fees for your student(s), login to  Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

To pay student fees as a guest, visit our fee payment portal. You will need the student's ID number to complete this process.

Review the 2023-24 Fee Schedule here (PDF).

Review online FAQs about student fee payment. 

The Fee Schedule is a result of Colorado State Law (CRS 22-32-117). The law allows the Board of Education to authorize the collection of the following fees:

(1) Mandatory Fees

It is the Board of Education's policy to charge student fees to offset costs associated with consumable supplies retained by the student; textbooks, one to one computing devices, registration fees, tests, and supplies for advanced placement and international baccalaureate classes; fieldtrips; materials/use fees for band and vocal music; and student IDs. In addition, user fees are assessed for full-day kindergarten, transportation*, parking, athletic sport, instrument rental, outdoor lab, and district wide technology.

These fees are waivable for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch and are verified as homeless, unaccompanied, and/or foster children. In addition, waivers of certain fees are granted for students with individual education plans (IEP) when the service or program is written in as a related service on their IEP.

The district may require students not eligible for free or reduced lunch to make a reasonable loss or damage deposit to cover equipment, textbooks and musical instruments, etc. The deposits shall be refunded upon return of the textbooks or equipment in good condition, except for ordinary wear. If a deposit is not required and the items are lost, stolen, or not returned in good condition, all students including those eligible for free or reduced lunch will be assessed up to the full cost for replacement or repair in accordance with law, Board policy, and District procedures.

*Transportation Fees for 2023-24
As part of the District's plan to discontinue transportation fees, Jeffco will not charge transportation fees for the 2023-24 school year.

(2) Voluntary Fees 

Fees will be assessed as a condition of voluntary participation at a school sponsored activity or program not within the academic portion of the educational program such as enrollment in preschool and before/after school, and credit recovery programs. In addition, fees are charged for college entrance testing, yearbooks, student transcripts, and to be able to attend athletic/activity events and graduation ceremonies.

In order to ensure full participation, some fees are waivable for students who are verified as homeless, unaccompanied, and/or foster children. Please refer to Community and Family Connections.

The law also requires the following:

  1. The fee shall be used for the designated purpose and shall not be expended for any other purpose.
  2. Fees shall be reasonable necessary for and reasonably related to the actual cost of the consumable supply or service.
  3. A list of fees, how the amount of each fee was derived, and the purpose of each fee shall be made available upon request.
  4. A fee may not be charged as a condition of enrollment in school or as a condition of attendance in any class.
  5. Any publication listing fees shall clearly state whether the fee is mandatory or voluntary and shall specify any activity from which the student shall be excluded if the fee is not paid.

Note: Working within the law and Board of Education policy, principals have the latitude to determine the fees for their schools. Therefore, the type and/or amount of individual fees will differ between schools. The fees listed above are the most common fees for a student. There may be other fees assessed depending on the school. For a complete list of fees, contact the school directly

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