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Jeffco Public Schools 2023 State Data News Release

Jeffco Public Schools 2023 State Data News Release
Posted on 08/17/2023

Jeffco Public Schools is pleased to share that our students outperformed the state average on the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) English and math tests for all grades, as shown by the 2023 results from the Colorado Department of Education (refer to Table 1 and Table 2 below). Our PSAT and SAT results were also higher than the state average (see Table 3). 

Media Interviews: Superintendent Tracy Dorland, Deputy-Superintendent Dr. Kym LaBlanc-Esparza and our principals are available for media interviews that can be coordinated with the Jeffco Public Schools Communications Office by calling 303-982-6808 or emailing [email protected].

Table 1: Jeffco and State CMAS English Language Arts Met/Exceeded Performance

 CMAS ELA % Met/Exceeded*
Grade Jeffco Colorado
3 48% 40%
4 54% 44%
5 56% 48%
6 49% 43%
7 50% 45%
8 49% 42%

*ELA = English language arts
Does not include Colorado Spanish language arts in Grades 3 and 4

Table 2: Jeffco and State CMAS Mathematics Met/Exceeded Performance

 CMAS Math % Met/Exceeded
Grade Jeffco Colorado
3 48% 40%
4 40% 33%
5 42% 37%
6 32% 28%
7 31% 26%
8 39% 33%

Table 3: Jeffco and State P/SAT Scale Score

Test Jeffco   Colorado
 Total Score EBRW* Math  Total Score** EBRW* Math
SAT 1042 530 512 990 506 484
PSAT 10 971 497 474 930 476 455
PSAT 9 928 466 462 891 450 440

*EBRW - Evidenced-based Reading/Writing

**Total score may differ from sum of content scores due to rounding

Like other areas  in Colorado and the U.S., Jeffco students faced learning challenges due to the compounding impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. However,  Jeffco students, including specific groups like English Language Learners (ELLs) and those with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), are steadily returning to their pre-pandemic achievement levels.

As shown in Table 4 below, Jeffco’s academic growth performance exceeded the median growth percentile of 50 (the state’s average) for 11 of 15 state tests. Jeffco’s MAP Growth performance showed similar academic growth gains across reading and math for grades 3-10 from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023. The district’s strong Spring 2023 growth results demonstrate accelerated student learning progress.

Table 4: Jeffco Public Schools' Academic Growth for CMAS and P/SAT

Grade ELA/EBRW* Math
4 56 51
5 52 48
6 48 49
7 47 52
8 53 54
 9 N/A 59
10 54 53
11 54.5 53

*ELA - English language arts; EBRW - Evidenced-based Reading/Writing

While many students are making progress, there's more work to be done. Some groups, like those students receiving lunch assistance (Free and Reduced Lunch or FRL), are facing academic challenges. Even though these issues are seen nationwide, Jeffco's strategic plan aims to boost learning for all students, focusing on strengthening reading skills for younger students and math skills for older ones ensuring all students are prepared for life after graduation.

About Jeffco Public Schools

Jeffco Public Schools (Jeffco) is located in Jefferson County, Colorado. It is the second largest school district in Colorado serving 65,000 students across 140 schools. With 14,000 employees, the district is the largest employer in Jefferson County and has provided educational excellence for more than 70 years. Jeffco embraces the spirit of the West and the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain region with the county spanning more than 770 square miles running the length of the western edge of the Denver metropolitan area.

The district is diverse in both population and geography, from urban to rural, including the mountain communities in the foothills west of Denver. Overall, Jeffco has 31% of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch, an indicator of poverty, and 34% minority (25% Hispanic) student population. The district is committed to providing a world-class education that prepares all Jeffco students for bright and successful futures as local and global citizens.

Learn more about Superintendent Tracy Dorland, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Kym LaBlanc-Esparza and Jeffco Cabinet Leadership.

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